A New Type of Thai Film Review

Today I’m starting a new type of Thai film review that is written specifically for Thai language students.  If you’re interested in watching Thai movies to help reinforce vocabulary or grammar, you can read more below!

The Project

The goal of this project is to provide reviews of Thai movies and TV series that includes a typical rating of how enjoyable a film is, but to also assign a rating based on the difficulty of the Thai used on a scale of 1 to 10.  There are a lot of Thai movies with basic Thai which are great for novice Thai language learners.  Other movies might include more slang or specialized vocabulary, and some are really advanced and might require subtitles even if you’ve been studying Thai for years.

The actual movie reviews that I write will be quite short, partially to avoid spoilers and partially because there are already reviews for most Thai movies if you do some digging.  The focus will be on assessing the difficulty of the spoken Thai and ultimately creating a database where anyone can sort and filter a list to find recommendations based on their own skill level.

I’m going to start with movies because watching and reviewing entire series would be too time consuming, and I’ll try to add reviews regularly but I can’t make any promises on that front.  Please send me an email (evan@pocket-thai.com) if you’re interested in helping contribute reviews.

What Movies Am I Reviewing?

Anything from the 1990’s to present day.  Priority will go to movies that are easy to watch or buy legally in the West, including some that are legally available for free on Youtube.

At first I’m also giving a slight preference to movies that are critically acclaimed or ones that I especially like.


That’s it – you can go check out the first review right now for Present Perfect, which is also conveniently available on Youtube with optional English subtitles! Don’t hesitate to email if you’re interested in sharing your own reviews.

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