How To Watch Netflix Thai Dubs From Anywhere

If you’re learning Thai and want a little extra listening practice, watching TV or movies with Thai audio is a relaxing way to passively reinforce vocab and grammar that you’ve already learned.  Up until recently Netflix had some of their original content dubbed and subtitled in Thai but it wasn’t available for anyone outside of Thailand.  They recently started opening up their Thai language options to all of their subscribers, but you’ve got to jump through a few hoops to find it.  Here’s a step-by-step guide!

Why Don’t You Just Watch Thai TV or Movies?

Unfortunately for us Thai language students, most Thai TV series and a good chunk of movies aren’t very enjoyable.  There are a few gems that I plan to review/recommend in separate blog posts, but most Westerners that I met don’t enjoy the standard Thai drama series or rom-com.

If you do like Thai TV series or want to give them a try, most of the major shows are uploaded (legally) to Youtube each week and totally free for anyone to watch.  The only caveat is that they don’t include English subtitles, so you have to have at least intermediate Thai language abilities to follow them.

Guide To Watching Netflix With Thai Audio/Subtitles

Below are steps needed to watch Netflix series with Thai dubbing or subbing from outside Thailand.  This doesn’t break any rules and Netflix provides the option for all users, but for some reason they hide it unless you change your account language, so read below if you need instructions on how to make the required changes.

  1. Login to your Netflix account in a web browser
  2. Go to the Account page
  3. Scroll down and click the “Language” setting
  4. Find ไทย and then click Save
  5. Return to Netflix and open the search bar
  6. Type “Audio in Thai” but don’t just click on any of the results for this search term – for some reason this search brings up a lot of movies and TV shows without Thai audio.  You need to scroll down to the very bottom of the search results.
  7. Click the “Audio in Thai” text to reveal the actual results with Thai audio.
  8. Choose anything that you find interesting and start watching.
  9. Open the options while any movie is playing to select Thai dubbing (on the left) or subtitles (on the right).

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