The answers on this page will hopefully answer most questions that you might still have about Pocket Thai.  If you read the FAQ and still have a question or comment, there’s contact info at the bottom so that you can reach out to me.

Which version of Pocket Thai should I try?
It depends on what you already know and what you want to learn!  If you’re serious about learning Thai and want to learn how to read and speak, then you should check out Pocket Thai Master.  If you already know the basics of speech but never learned how to read, give Pocket Thai Reading an install.  And if you don’t know any Thai but just want to learn some basic vocabulary and grammar, check out Pocket Thai Speaking.  There’s a great comparison chart of content on the Download Page.


I’ve never studied Thai before. Is Pocket Thai right for me?
Yes! All of the Pocket Thai apps are designed for beginners and teach you to read and speak Thai assuming no prior knowledge.  If you already have basic understanding of Thai,  the first few lessons might act as a refresher and clarify any points you might be unclear on.  Get a preview of what’s contained in Pocket Thai Master by reading the Lesson List.


Pocket Thai is expensive! Why is Pocket Thai Master $10 when most apps are only $0.99?
Since Pocket Thai Master is a full Thai language textbook sold in a digital form, it’s better to compare it to other language textbooks.  In this comparison, Pocket Thai is actually much cheaper than alternatives (such as Benjawan Becker’s Thai for Beginners), and in my opinion it’s more convenient to have lessons and audio on your phone or tablet than a book and CD.  At the risk of sounding arrogant, I also believe that the explanations in Pocket Thai are more fun and easier to understand too!


Is there any plan for a Windows/MacOS version of Pocket Thai?
Pocket Thai was designed for mobile devices, but please send me an email if you are interested in a PC version of the program.  I will work to create a PC version if there is enough interest.


Can I transfer my progress from the iPhone version of Pocket Thai to the iPad version?
Right now save transfer is not supported but it may come in a future release.  If you’ve understood the content enough to pass a quiz on your phone, you should be able to easily pass it again on your tablet.


If I buy Pocket Thai on the App Store, do I also get access to the Google Play version and vice versa?
Purchases are locked to whatever platform/store that you use, so purchases for iOS devices will not give access to the Android version and vice versa.

Didn’t see your question?

Send me an email at evan@pocket-thai.com for a hopefully quick reply.