My Story

After graduating from Brown University with a B.S. in Neuroscience in spring of 2012, I moved halfway around the world to a small village in the Phayao province near the border with Laos.  I realized immediately that my students, fellow teachers, and neighbors in my village had only a basic understanding of English, and that I would need to learn Thai to be an effective educator and easily communicate with the people around me.

The Thai teachers at my school would eat lunch with me every day and, using a Thai dictionary on my phone and their pronunciation help, I slowly expanded my vocabulary and grammar until I could hold basic conversations in Thai.  Realizing the huge benefits, I started to use online resources and a textbook/CD combo to further my learning.

Sadly, I found that the online resources didn’t provide an easy to follow curriculum leading from basic Thai to the intermediate level.  The textbook/CD combo was organized and effective, but it was frustrating to try to repeat certain words or phrases if I didn’t understand the tone and I didn’t always have the textbook with me so I couldn’t study whenever I wanted.  The textbook also lacked descriptions of many grammatical points and was really meant to be used along with a private tutor who could explain everything in the lessons.

Based on these shortcomings, I decided in the spring of 2016 to start writing my own Thai language textbook that over the next 1.5 years turned into Pocket Thai.  I hope that this program makes it easy for anyone that’s interested to go from zero Thai knowledge up to the conversational level, making life for both you and Thais much easier.

Thanks and good luck,

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